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Side Projects

When your hobby is your lifeblood

Interesting people have side projects.

At least that's what I heard. Here's a small collection of what I've had brewing. 

Camp Reel Stories

CreativeMornings Oakland

Camp Reel Stories believes that when women and girls are better represented behind the scenes in the media, they will be better reflected on the screen. For the past few summers, I've been teaching cinematography at Camp Reel Stories, a summer filmmaking program for girls ages 13-18.  I was interviewed by NPR's The Frame while teaching at camp. More at

Not many things inspire me to be somewhere by 7:45am. To that, I give you CreativeMornings Oakland! I am a co-founder and the video lead at this entirely volunteer-run monthly breakfast lecture event for the creative community.  It is seriously nothing short of magical. Please give me a hug and high five if you make it up for an event.

View our talks and photos and register (always free!) to attend an event at

Oakland Fence Project

I'm a featured artist in the Oakland Fence Project, an outdoor photography installation and online exhibit designed to connect artists and communities. The project vision calls for covering fences in the city with dramatic 6-foot tall pictures taken by Oakland photographers, augmented with video by Oakland filmmakers, and powered by technology coded by Oakland developers. 


We were featured as #EverydayReal neighborhood regulars of Oakland's Viscera, a shop specializing in monochromatic clothing and 3D-printed jewelry made exclusively in the United States. We also love that it's owned by an amazing woman of color! Swing by next time you're downtown! Photos by Miles Bianchi.

Passion Projects and Collaborations

Me and a Whole Lot of Other People: Sharon’s Story of the ACA

This short film features my mother's story of the ACA and how it has, literally, saved her life. It's likely that you or someone you know depends on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It's time to share our stories.

F3 presents Luke Stevens, Junk Maker

F3 presents Catherine Rose, Exotic Dancer

Artist Luke Stevens of Omnitasker Design invites us into his live/work space at the Cotton Mill Studios in Oakland, CA. In sharing his creative process, we quickly learn about his preoccupation with cleaning, obsession over details, and pursuit of perfection all while "making it up" as he goes along.

Exotic dancer and instructor Catherine Rose invites us into her work/live loft at the Cotton Mill Studios in Oakland. Catherine is the owner and founder of California's first exotic and pole dance studio: Slinky Productions. With 3 poles set up and an extensive set of platform shoes, she gives us an intimate look into her life and her passion for performing, teaching, and empowering women.

Rush Sour

A collaboration between myself and Jackson Emmer, a musician, teacher, and founder of the nonprofit program Free is Art. We met as undergraduates at Bennington College.

California Nasty, Part One

A documentary series (part one) exploring the concept of living in California with original score by Dmitri Glickman. Forever a work in progress. Dmitri and I also met at Bennington College.

The New Parkway

Parkway Speakeasy Theater was a staple of the Oakland community: the go-to place to grab a beer, grab a comfy couch, watch a movie, and chat with your friends. Many hearts were broken when original theatre on Park Street shuttered 2009. J Moses Ceaser headed up an effort to bring it back. After a year of meetings and a successful Kickstarter that exceeded its goal of $50,000, Moses and a group of 56 other investors opened the New Parkway Theater in December 2012 at a new location in Oakland’s Uptown District. Much like a community barn-raising, volunteers came together on several days to help bring this special theatre back to town.

Inspired by Occupy Oakland

Oakland's Got Fire (the Re-occupation)

(The 99% play) Monopoly Deal

The song alone is gonna make you dance. This was one of my most favorite days in Oakland.

A lively game of Monopoly Deal erupts with heated debate over de-regulation of the economy.

Oaknuts, an original documentary web series

the pink hoodie

In this episode, Julie and Aiza have a heated discussion about the subjectivity of color, mitigated by Jeffrey who shows up halfway through. Julie then thankfully avoids a foot injury.

the fridge

In this episode, Julie is inspired to clean out the fridge; a task that her sister never does as thoroughly as she does. We still don't know how long some things have been in there.

Et cetera...

Bass Lake, CA

Enjoy California responsibly. Pack your trash, don't get smashed, and when in doubt, pack your GoPro.