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Tiny Oak Media is the creation of Christie Goshe, an Oakland based filmmaker and photographer. Working solo or with a small crew of talented folks, Christie produces, shoots, and edits projects from start to finish.

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The Long...

Christie has been working as a filmmaker and photographer in Oakland since 2010, at first freelancing on the side but eventually trading in her 9-5 for an adventure in running her own show.

Her approach to nearly everything she does is documentary; capturing real life, honest moments, and the characteristics of people and places in time. She shoots on a Canon 5D Mark III and Panasonic GH5 and appreciates a minimalistic yet versatile kit that frees her to roam and travel easily (relatively speaking).

It's all about cultivating a story. Part one, shooting what unfolds; part two, editing it down to the good stuff. The whole process requires a lot of consideration and organization, and the more collaboration, the better.

Christie earned a BA from Bennington College in Vermont, grew up in rural Ohio, and loves Oakland and its art community, awesome weather, and friendly folks. She rides her bike around a lot, eats a lot of kale, and enjoys people-watching and running at Lake Merritt.

The Short...

Christie Goshe
hello(at) tinyoakmedia (dot) com

I shoot on good gear and have a Type A personality that lends particularly well to creativity and organization. Plus a heart of gold.


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