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With the Internet boom, having a great video that showcases you and your business is more important than ever. Camera shy? Me too. But don't worry, your job is to tell me like it is, and my job is to capture that and boil it down to the essence. And make you look good while we're at it too.  

Lick-Wilmerding High School Photography

Sunwïnk Kickstart Campaign

Sunwïnk herbal tonics launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the production and distribution of their herbal tonic line; you can now find sunwïnk on shelves at many markets around the Bay Area.

Sunwïnk Herbal Tonics Photography

Viscera’s Kickstarter Campaign

In the midst of surrounding construction and development in downtown Oakland, Viscera ran a Kickstarter campaign to keep its doors open and hold space for the creatives who make this town a special place. Viscera is an independent boutique carrying exclusively USA-made products.

Viscera Photography

Chaos in a Tightly Held Place: The Art of Sharon Kyle Kuhn

Sharon Kyle Kuhn bridges the gap between sculpture and painting with her unusual wall sculptures, paintings and use of industrial materials. Early in her life, she developed a passion for repurposing found objects and found beauty in things people often discarded. Now, her primary source of inspiration for subject matter comes from architectural elements found in and among the structures where we live and work. Her art is characterized by wood, rusted objects, asphalt, concrete, paint, contrasting shapes, and bold compositions. Kyle Kuhn is a full time artist and resides in the San Francisco Bay area.

Ellie Mae's Recruitment Video

Ellie Mae is a fast-growing company based in Pleasanton, CA specializing in mortgage industry software. In 2016, we crafted a series of custom recruitment videos to help them draw in the talent they seek and showcase the best parts of working at Ellie Mae.

Ellie Mae's Experience 2016 User Conference Video

Ellie Mae's Experience is an industry-leading user conference featuring hands-on training, panel sessions, keynotes, networking, and more. The conference happens every year at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, NV.


Ellie Mae's "DevOps" Video

For this fun project, we created an office comedy about "DevOps" or Development Operations, as defined by individuals within the office, who may (or may not?) be part of "DevOps," whatever that may (or may not?) mean to them.

EllieCares' Play House Build Video

EllieCares is an employee-inspired community outreach program. Ellie Mae supports employee participation by providing paid volunteer days that aren’t counted against vacation time and also by matching employee contributions to company-sponsored fundraising events.

Ellie Mae's Experience 2017 User Conference Event Coverage

Jackson Emmer and His Great Band’s Music Video

Jackson Emmer is a musician based in Asheville, NC but with roots in California and Colorado. A close friend from college, I recorded Jackson and his great band during a garage practice session while they were on tour. More at

Oaklandish presents Heiroglyphics

Almost every First Friday in Oakland means Oaklandish is hosting a party with beer on tap, live music, and a cleared out storefloor-turned-dancefloor. During September 2012's Art Murmur Hieroglyphics perform "Classic" at Oaklandish to a packed house.

Oaklandish presents Fairyland for Grownups

For one night a year, Fairyland is open to 21+ "grownups" who don their finest costumes and find themselves amidst magic shows, slides and mazes, tiny villages, delicious food and drinks, and the probably the most unique dance party ever.

Cafe Van Kleef's Yelp Ad

This great little jazz and blues bar in the heart of downtown Oakland is one of my favorite spots to get a killer greyhound. The owner, Peter, was a fabulous guy with a lot to say (and show, check out those walls!). On a typical night he could usually be found behind the bar belting out lyrics while juicing grapefruits for the signature Van Kleef greyhounds. Peter passed away in 2015, so be sure to drink one for him when you visit.

Slalom Consulting's Women Connect Video

Calypso St. Barth's Palo Alto Store Opening

Slalom Consulting is a San Francisco-based consulting firm dedicated to providing a great workplace for all of their employees. In this video, we focused on showcasing the stories of employees who have been supported in their dreams to travel, have children, and balance work and life based on their own needs at the time.


Calypso St. Barth opened their Palo Alto store by hosting a champaign event and panel about living a balanced life in the digital age, featuring Randi Zuckerberg.

Provantage Sports

A beautiful ride during the winter months in the Berkeley hills, starring Shawn Rosenthal, founder of Provantage Sports, where he provides cycling resources and coaching.