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I'll respond to you as soon as I can for follow-up.


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Pre-Shoot Prep

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Wardrobe tips:

  • Avoid wearing small patterns as they cause moire in the camera that can be distracting to viewers in the final video.

  • Choose a shirt with a nice neckline and/or a jacket that we can clip the mic to.

  • Avoid wearing jewelry that makes noise when you move.

  • If you wear Transitions glasses, please bring a back-up pair with regular lenses. Transitions glasses may darken once we seat you next to the windows/lights. Alternatively, we can film you without glasses, but we'll want you to take them off 20 minutes before appearing on camera so any indentations on your nose can return to normal.

Before the shoot:

  • Don’t get a haircut right before you appear on camera. If you plan on getting a haircut, schedule it a week or two beforehand.

  • Please arrive camera ready! Swing by the bathroom and check your hair and teeth, powder your face if you can. Some shoots will have a makeup/hair artist on site, some will not.

  • Think about your talking points and review interview questions prior to your shoot. Don't focus on memorization, as it can sound unnatural and scripted. If you have specific data or statistics you want to mention, gather them beforehand.

  • Sign the release form so we can actually use your image and likeness.

  • Drink some water and have some on-hand for your interview session.

At the shoot:

  • Relax! It’s so easy, right? Don’t worry, we’ll start with easy questions (e.g. "Tell us about your role at your job?") so you warm up to being on camera. The interview format is question-and-answer style, so you don’t need to memorize a script, just answer as you would to a friend.

  • It’s ok to start and stop. It’s not live TV and we’ll edit everything.

  • It’s ok to “um” but try not to. We’ll try to cut out every “um” in post but sometimes this disrupts your natural flow.

  • Please rephrase the question in your answer. For example, if we ask, “How did this software impact your work?” you could start your response with, “This software impacted my work by allowing me to be more efficient and organized...”

  • Please use full sentences whenever possible. Editors will love you! If you find yourself giving simple "yes" or "no" answers, please explain further.